Our Story

Welcome to Gluten Free 

Gluten Free (GF) is so much more than a diet of eating.  It’s really a way of life that changes you both on the outside and the inside, making you a totally healthy and happy person.

Our founders were stricken with Celiac Disease, an extreme allergy associated to the body and immune system that prevents us from being able to digest safely all things gluten.  This includes popular foods, such as bread, pastas, snacks and even liquor.

We think it’s high time to offer a GF restaurant chain that’s sole purpose is to offer those with sensitivity or allergies to gluten and strictly offers only 100% food products, snacks and refreshments including liquor and wines that are 100% gluten free.

Meet the ‘GF’ chain of restaurants.  Our locations include many prestigious ‘foodie’ cities, including New York, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Our incredibly delicious food includes only healthy products that are not only GF, but Organic where possible with non-GMO ingredients.  Our first location is slated to open in late 2024 in Dallas ( and will seat approximately one hundred in an upscale casual establishment and will feature wonderful salads, amazing gluten-free pasta dishes, fish, chicken and beef and serve both lunch and dinner.  We’ll feature 100% GF tasty appetizers and wonderful desserts to treat you and your friends, families and colleagues to a full GF meal.  Our entrees are guaranteed to wow even the most skeptical that will prove GF simply cannot taste this good!!

      The Food

Prepared by our team of top GF Chefs in America, you have your eyes on the most amazing food and ingredients you’ve ever had.  There’s absolutely no risk in eating our restaurants for those with celiac as well as those less allergic, and even including folks that just want a healthier diet and lifestyle.